Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire CMS?

We will save you time! By the time we submit a candidate to you we have completed the vetting process and pre-employment assessment.

While other companies charge exorbitant fees upfront whether they produce or not, we offer A NO RISK / NO UPFRONT MONEY policy where you make the first payment only after you decide to interview one of our candidates. The second payment is due upon the candidate’s acceptance of a job. Our fee is among the most reasonable in the industry.

We also have a 30-DAY ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE that we will supply at least one candidate within 30 days that you will want to have a Zoom interview with or meet in person.

We are experts in our field and our sole purpose is Ministry placements!

Hiring CMS propels your search from a local/state search to a national search. We have extensive resources, and we represent highly sought-after candidates. Our Advisory Team includes the very finest Worship Pastors, Executive Pastors, Senior Pastors, Christian University Leadership and State Directors in America. They know the candidates and help us vet them!

We handle EVERYTHING for you! From sourcing the candidates to the final offer, we are there for you every step of the process!

We care! We take time to develop personal relationships with both our clients and candidates. These relationships help us select candidates that are the best professional fit, as well as cultural fit.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to the candidate. There are also no upfront costs for churches. We do charge a fee for our services and are happy to review those with you on a call.

How long does each search take?

There are many variables that come into play with a search. Position, location, and experience required are just a few. Our guarantee is that within 30 days of posting your completed ad page on our website, we will present you with at least one candidate you will want to interview. You can rest assured we move as quickly as possible, and we prioritize your search until the right candidate is found.

What if we already have a search committee?

No problem. We work with committees every day!

Why not just post ads on ministry job boards?

Let’s be honest! Normally by the time you come to a search firm, you have already tried hiring on your own. You’ve begun to realize how much time and energy it takes. We watch and listen to hundreds of hours of footage from qualifying candidates. We do all the vetting, background checks and reference checks. We sift through candidates from various sources to bring you the top available candidates. This is OUR full-time job, and we allow you to focus on YOUR full-time job!

What kind of assessments do you use?

We use several types of assessments, but we begin with the DISC assessment. If the church has a preferred assessment, we are happy to administer that one.

What if our church hires CMS and then we find a candidate?

That’s great! We do request that all candidates go through our process to assure proper vetting and success.